Modern Truck and Trailer Repairs is a proud family run and owned business. Craig Carpenter (spray painter by trade) started in the car repair business, amassing 6 repair shops over 35 years throughout the metropolitan area.

Craig expanded into truck and trailer repairs in 1990, and with dedication and foresight, has grown into the successful business we see today.

The Modern Towing and Salvage arm of the business was also a well known family run company that operated since 1954 in West Melbourne and then Footscray.

Modern Towing and Salvage was acquired by Craig in 1995 to compliment the flourishing truck and trailer repair business.

Brothers Steve and Paul Carpenter are the second generation of the family to be involved in the smash repair business started by their father in 1966.


Today, brothers Steve and Paul Carpenter run Modern Truck and Trailer Repairs and Modern Towing and Salvage. Steve and Paul are both qualified panel beaters, with more than 30 years experience in the repair trade between them.

On most days, the boys can be found in the workshop working hands on, and side by side with their repair staff. This gives you the assurance the highest standards of quality are being maintained throughout the repair process. Every stage is sighted by the person who gives your repair job the final sign off.

Steve and Paul have both traveled internationally, to ensure that Modern Truck and Trailer Repairs are ahead of the competition when it comes to innovations in truck and trailer repairs.

Our aim is to keep our Laverton premises as one of the leading “State of the Art” truck and trailer repair facilities in Australia.